On ManMan

ManMan is a ficticious cartoon character from a cartoon on a show that is no longer around. Originally Releaced on Ocotober 27, 2001, it was a Part of another show called The Ripping Friends. The Ripping Friends premiered on FOX on September 15, 2001. ManMan and BoyBoy appeared in episode 6. The creators are the same ones who made the popular show Ren and Stimpy. I have never seen an episode of the cartoon nor have I Ever found even one pic of ManMan or BoyBoy Anywhere!

If anyone has information or if I am incredibly lucky and you have a picture of or a video of ManMan and BoyBoy, PLEASE let me know. I would love to actually see what they look like. Untill one of you step forward with 'The Golden Peanut' we will have to be content with the audio of the show. Here are a couple, and more to download on the right.

They were aired free on public raido stations across the country so i feel there is nothing wrong with putting them here. And maybe my willingness to share will rub off on the one who has the Extreamly sought after Pic or Vid of these loved super heros!

Chi CHI Part 1

Chi Chi Part 2

The Rectomizer Part 1

The Rectomizer Part 2

The Egg


Please note that i downloaded these from my local raido station's web site while they were airing them and I don't know if the episode numbers are correct or if they have the correct names. I simply copied from thier web page. I am sorry for this but I can not even check to see as i cain't find anything on them ANYWHERE.