I finaly got my webpage online! WOW! What a chore. Don't expect too much out of it right now tho.. its alot to come up with at one time. only those that have done it understand that. and I dont mean those who use one of the automated page creation tools. Altho those still require alot of typing; but rather, I mean those of you who have done Everything on the page. Meaning writing the html code, css script, making the images and general design. MAN! what a chore.

     Anyway, I have finaly hammered out a rough draft to put up. I will be working to improve it, but I really cain't say when I will get to it. As most people know, 'Life Happens', so my available time to work on it is non-planable. So, don't expect too much right now. I am kicking around a few ideas for an update, but nothing solid yet. I feel a huge accomplishment just getting this far!

     In my opinion, a web page is Never really finnished. The good ones are updated often and have 'real time' data on them, so when I get a appearence I like, I will always be tinkering on it. Well, untill then please enjoy what I have put together here and, by all means, Please shoot me suggestions or comments on either my Blog Page or my Contact Me Page. I very much look forward to your comments or suggestions.

Stephen P. Ray